Tips for strength and Conditioning for Athletes

Tips for strength and conditioning for athletes

If you have explored the training world, one thing that you will agree is that the training world is full of methods and theories that promise to offer strength and conditioning program for athletics. However, the lat pull-down will not offer much for the strength. While size plays an important role in hypertrophy, but in regard to strength, there is need for free weights with sets of 5 or 6 reps at each time.

There is some good reason for this higher repetition set can cause more change to the cellular level like the increase in size. While there are people who will  find these changes to be essential in making the body to be more robust, for some other people, they require a neural connection to muscles that is better.

This is the key muscle and mind connection that you could have heard bodybuilders speaking of. To recruit muscles, the body usually sends some electrical impulse along nerves that informs the muscles of the need to contract. Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of using some outdated methods or even the dial-up software in order to send the signal. The goal here is keep the central nervous system fired up and rather than dialing up, ensure that a fiber optic cable has been installed to enables signals to travel faster and also lose some more energy even as we do this.

One thing that you need to understand is that neural pathway behaves more or less like plants. When you tend them, they become stronger. However, like it is the case with glass blades, when starting to learn a new skill, there are lots of pathways despite the fact that these aren’t deeply ingrained. You can see this when trying to teach a person to perform a new lift and each of their rep is quite different. What this means is that instead of the single motor pathway for the lift, they could be having 5 or even 6. When performing a kettle bell swing which can be harmful, there is only a single pathway that is considered safe. All the rest has the potential for injury.

The goal of the learning process is to get rid of those bad movements and strengthen and even hone those good pathways. It is the process of strengthening the pathway that causes the above named scenario-The high speed; consider fiber optics that deliver messages to muscles in a quick and perfect manner. For other tips on strength and conditioning for athletes, you should contact MP45.

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