A Reliable Athletic Strength and Conditioning Program

No matter the athletic program that you may be in, you will need to have a reliable athletic a-reliable-athletic-strength-and-conditioning-programstrength and conditioning program if you are to perform at those optimal levels and for some sustained periods. You will need to ensure that you maintain the right nutritional habits as well as rest patterns on top of developing a workout routine that is consistent throughout the year.

A good strength and conditioning program will lay special emphasize on the movement efficiency. You will also need a program that is tailored to the specific needs of the year whether in –season, post- season and even pre season. These should target strength, speed, agility and flexibility.

In order to attain strength, you will need to work the dynamic as well as concentrated kinds of resistance training while using different cycles from the whole year. You can improve speed using loading as well as over-speed workouts. Loading should be made up of towing, uphill running and plyometrics and should involve different facets of running, sprinting and even throwing. Some of the over-speed training method should include running downhill & tubing on top of additional plyometric exercises.


Training Process

An annual plan is the roadmap that will show how you will navigate your way in different training stages of a particular sport whether pre-season, during completion or even the recovery phase. You can quantify and even organize the work that is done by an athlete in a particular sport in each of your competitive year. As long as you have a well-designed training process, you will end up getting well developed.

When creating a pre-season plan there are five stages that you will need to consider. These are:

  • Testing
  • The concentrated loads
  • The phase for strength training
  • Power phase 1 & power phase 2
  • The peaking index

It is important to have a plan for monitoring & testing your training process. Some of the key assessments that should be done include body composition, hydration, isometric pulls, dynamic tools and vertical jumps. This information will be important to the sport coach. The strength endurance workouts are key part of an athletic strength and conditioning program. These should involve high volume, low intensity workouts. These should form the bulk of your workouts.

After this you will get to the phase for strength gaining. Strength is a key part of any sports performance. When an athlete is stronger, they will perform better in any given sport. After strength, it will be time to develop power.

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